Terms And Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before using any of Sahi Startup’s services.

Sahi Startup is a technology platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors and advisors stemming from various industries and sectors, giving them the chance of business expansion and wealth creation. Offering a plethora of services, Sahi startup aims at revolutionising the investment landscape and changing the face of the startup sphere. Sahi startup’s services are subject to your acceptance of these terms along with other relevant section of Sahi Startups rules and policies.

If you continue to navigate through our website and use our services, you acknowledge that:

  1. You have read these terms

  2. You understand these terms

  3. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions

Profile registration:

You can freely browse through the site, however if you wish to avail certain services and features, you must complete the registration process. You are solely responsible for providing accurate and current information, the failure of which would result in the termination of your profile. You will choose a password and user name, of which you must maintain confidentiality. If at any point you feel that there has been an unauthorised use of your profile, you must immediately contact Sahi Startup’s assistance team. You also acknowledge that you will not login with the credentials of another company or individual with a malicious intent or to impersonate that company or individual.

You also agree that you are responsible for any purchases, services, usage, activity or investment decisions made via your profile. You acknowledge that any and every decision would be made on your own consideration and you accept the risks associated with the respective decisions.

You are strongly advised to consult a legal professional for any tax, investment or insurance related advice.

You are entitled to notify us of any change in personal information or if you wish to discontinue the use of our services.


You must acknowledge that you are an accredited investor who might be asked to provide documents as proof of your income or net worth to determine if you are eligible to invest in the offerings made on the site.

According to the laws of India, an accredited investor is a business entity or institution who has a net worth of Rs. 25 crore or an individual who has a liquid net worth of at least Rs. 5 crore and total annual gross of Rs. 50 lakh that is maintained. The regulatory body maintains these requirements to ensure that the investor is safeguarded against the risk of losing capital on any investment decision.

You acknowledge that all the information you provide is complete and accurate.

You also agree that you would not publish any information that:

  1. Belongs to another person

  2. You have no right over

  3. Is harmful, harassing or is illegal in any way or form

  4. Encourages gambling or is discriminatory to specific ethnicities/races

  5. Misleads the users

  6. Impersonates another person

You also acknowledge that the profiles you come across on the website contain information that Sahi Startup doesn’t take complete guarantee of. We do not endorse or support any user or assure the truthfulness of the content that is posted on the website.

Refunds and Warranties:

Sahi Startup abides by a strict no refund policy, whereby the right to get a refund of the fees that is paid to avail the website and the services is forgone.

You also acknowledge that Sahi Startup helps you raise funds, connect with startups or invetsors and groom fresh startups with no guarantee of success and no assurance that you would make a certain amount of money or that you would not lose money. There is absolutely no guarantee about the level of success you will achieve via our guidance and support or through the services offered by us. You acknowledge that Sahi startup is not liable for your success or failure, business loss or profit or even about the authenticity of other users and the information they post. You accept that you are using our website and services at your own risk and discretion.

Intellectual property:

You acknowledge and accept that all the content on the website is the property of Sahi Startup. With the information or content posted by you on the website, you grant us the license to copy, display, modify and distribute it for commercial and other purposes. The logos, slogans and trademarks are all owned by Sahi Startup and others, which no one else has the right to use unless permitted by Sahi Startup or other third party owners. The use of these trademarks without permission is prohibited.

Third party sites:

Sahi Startup’s website may contain third party links. You acknowledge and agree that Sahi Startup is not responsible for any information, material, content or services listed on these third party sites. Your use of the third party sites would be at your own discretion and in no way is Sahi Startup responsible for any loss or damages caused by the same.

 General guidelines:

  1. You accept that you are at least 18 years old or above to access our site and services

  2. You also agree that you are accessing our site and services for business purposes.

  3. You acknowledge that you will conduct your interactions and communications with other users, Sahi Startup officials and employees in a professional manner with no hint of disrespect or threat of any kind.

  4. You understand that we reserve the right to modify, change or even replace the Terms and conditions, change the website or services, improve or modify any information displayed on the website for any reason, at our own discretion and without prior notice. We may also temporarily or permanently suspend your access to our website and services for any or no reason, without any notice or liability. You are responsible for keeping a check on these changes and your continued use of the website would indicate your acceptance of these changes.

  5. If you are accessing the site and services on behalf of any other entity, business or individual, you agree that you represent them and that you have the legal authority to bind that entity to these terms of use.

  6. You also agree that the information you post on the site in the form of pictures, questions, comments, links, ideas etc. is non-proprietary and can be used by Sahi Startup for any purpose.

  7. You might be contacted via your mailing address, mobile phone or email to update you on latest news and services.

  8. If you do not agree with any of our terms, policies or services, you must refrain from using the site or services by deleting your profile and any other copies that you may have.