About us


Who we are?

Sahi startup is an engaging and secured fintech platform that connects investors, entrepreneurs and industry experts stemming from different industries and sectors. We not only encourage young founders seek expertise, raise capital, generate leads but also help investors get a bite of potential high growth startups.


Our vision is to built on empowering young enthusiastic businesses and help them turn their soulful ideas into well built enterprises and eventually become industry leaders. The objective is to create an engaging networking platform to make the investors meet these bright eyed entrepreneurs and companies that lay a probability of turning into strong and scalable businesses.


Our mission at Sahi Start-up is to bridge the gap between the founders and investors with the hope of delivering refined experiences, creating opportunities and generating heavy returns. Giving the start-up’s idea a new direction and opening an umbrella of fruitful opportunities for the investors, we have built a business that brings both the investors and founders on the winning side.

Our Services

The company exists to connect a community of investors and founders and make their business journey smooth and profitable. Our business model incorporates wide array of services such as:

Help in meeting the right investors
Raising capital/crowd-funding
Finding innovative start-ups that align with your passion
Help close deals
Community engagement
Building a credible team/networking
Exposure to the larger market
Brainstorming and guiding through business challenges
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With these services, we strive to create a road map for our clients with the vision of promoting entrepreneurship and pushing them toward the hall of fame, success and innovation all while helping the investors store their capital in the right start-up. As an outcome and process focused company, we value and desire to work towards the concept of:

Relation building Brand recognition
Increasing community outreach
Developing reliability and stability

What is our experience?

The personality of our company is rooted in efficiency, consistency and transparency and the key to our business model lies in our ability to connect you to the right people. We proudly make the customers the hero of our story and help them make great connections every day!

Our expertise and experience has not only made us one of the best crowd-funding sites for start-ups but has also opened the door of opportunities for investors that lead to a long road of progress, prosperity and profitability.


Why should the investors invest in our idea?

Our organization constructs a bridge that connects investors with young entrepreneurs looking for investment. We offer investors the opportunity to choose to pump money into curated start-ups from different industries such as medicine, entertainment, apparel, chemicals, machinery etc. and widen their investment portfolio.

While young founders receive capital, Sahi Startup also gives them a chance to refine their company’s executive model vis-à-vis the constructive companies and industry experts listed on the website.

With our transparency, sincerity and approachability, we have not only empowered our clients’ money and business in the course of advancement but have also facilitated our own enterprise to evolve and mature for the better

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